VM Wire-Rate Networking

Virtualization is not just a trend, but it’s rather a way to optimize energy, simplify administration and reduce operational costs. Unfortunately VMs are not so performant when capturing packets as you can see from the pictures below (tests performed on an entry-level Intel Xeon).

For this reason we have developed Virtual PF_RING (vPF_RING), that is an extension of PF_RING for KVM, Linux’s native virtualization system. From the tests we conducted vPF_RING outperforms any virtualization system available, including commercial virtualization products. Thanks to it you can finally use VMs for effectively monitoring your network, thus migrating your existing infrastructure to a fully virtualized environment.

10 Gbit VM Wire-Rate Networking

If you need 10 Gbit wire-rate networking, you can use PF_RING DNA inside your favorite hypervisor, including KVM and VMware. You can find all details on this post.