MySQL Plugin

This plugin dissects MySQL (unencrypted) traffic information and saves the queries log in dump files as well export the information via NetFlow/IPFIX using the following information elements.

%MYSQL_SERVER_VERSION             MySQL server version
%MYSQL_USERNAME                   MySQL username
%MYSQL_DB                         MySQL database in use
%MYSQL_QUERY                      MySQL Query
%MYSQL_RESPONSE                   MySQL server response
%MYSQL_APPL_LATENCY_USEC          MySQL request->response latecy (usec)

The plugin supports the following command line options that are used to specify where the (optional) log file is saved. As previously described for -P, dumps are nested in directories. It is possible to instruct nProbe to execute a command when a directory (not a log file) if fully dumped (i.e. nProbe has moved to the next directory in time order).

--mysql-dump-dir <dump dir>        Directory where MySQL logs will be dumped
--mysql-exec-cmd <cmd>    Command executed whenever a directory has been dumped
--max-mysql-log-lines                       Max number of lines per log file (default 10000)