10. ntopng Settings

The Runtime settings can be configured using the dropdown gear menu in the top toolbar.

Settings Dropdown

The Dropdown Settings Menu in the Top Toolbar

10.1. Manage Users

Manage Users menu gives access to ntopng users administration. Ntopng is a multi-user system that handles multiple simultaneous active sessions. Ntopng users can have the role of Administrators or standard users.

Users Settings

The Manage Users Settings Page

Password and other preferences such as role and allowed networks can be changed by clicking on button Manage, which causes a new window to pop out.

10.2. Preferences

Preferences menu entry enables the user to change runtime configurations. A thorough help is reported below every preference directly into ntopng web GUI.

10.3. Manage Stored Data

Ntopng is able to export monitored hosts information. It allows to export data in JSON format giving the user the ability to include ntopng information in a user created GUI.

Export Data

The Export Data Page

10.4. Backup Configuration

The Backup Configuration entry downloads a copy of the ntopng configuration, as a compressed tarball (.tar.gz). The following files and directories are included in the backup:

  • Configuration file (unless command line is used for providing the options)
  • /etc/ntopng folder
  • Runtime configuration (runtimeprefs.json)
  • License file

Please note that on Windows systems the runtime configuration file only is provided.

10.5. Restore Configuration

ntopng configuration can be restored by placing the compressed tarball (downloaded via Backup Configuration) into the ntopng data directory and restarting the service. The tarball must be named conf.tar.gz.

For example, assuming the default /var/lib/ntopng data directory has not been changed, one can restore a previously backed-up configuration by placing the compressed tarball in /var/lib/ntopng/conf.tar.gz and then issuing a systemctl restart ntopng.


After the restore, the compressed archive into the data directory is automatically deleted.


Restore is only supported for packaged ntopng installations on systems that use systemd. Geeks and those who are building ntopng from source should have a look at script httpdocs/misc/ntopng-utils-manage-config.