3. Endace DAG Support

PF_RING has native support for Endace DAG adapters, the DAG SDK needs to be installed in order to enable the DAG module at runtime.

3.1. Prerequisite

DAG SDK installed. Example from source tarball:

tar -xvz dag-<version>.tar.gz
cd dag
./configure && make && make install

3.2. Installation

In order to get up and running with a DAG adapter just run the following commands.

Load the DAG module:


Compile/load pf_ring and sample applications:

cd PF_RING/kernel; make; sudo insmod pf_ring.ko
cd ../userland/modules/Endace; ./configure && make && make install
cd ../../lib; ./configure && make
cd ../libpcap; ./configure && make
cd ../examples; make

Run the sample application to make sure everything is working:

./pfcount -i dag:0

Please note that in order to open port 0 from the DAG adapter you should specify “dag:0” as interface name, if you want to open stream 2 (default is 0) on port 0 you should specify “dag:0@2”.

If you are installing from repository, dag support is already enabled:

pfcount -i dag:0