10. Netcope Support

PF_RING has native support for Netcope adapters, the Netcope NSF library needs to be installed in order to enable the Netcope module at runtime.

10.1. Installation

In order to install the Netcope driver run the following commands:


Then load the firmware with:

csboot -f100 /usr/share/mcs/nsf/1.3.5/nfb-100g2q/100g1/firmware.bit

If the NSF firmware is already loaded in the card it’s possible to reload it with the following command:

nsftool reload --file=/usr/share/mcs/nsf/1.3.5/nfb-100g2q/100g1/firmware.bit

Now you are ready to compile and run PF_RING with Netcope support. Note that if you are installing pfring from packages, Netcope support is already enabled.

cd PF_RING/kernel; make
sudo insmod pf_ring.ko; cd ..
cd userland; ./configure
cd lib; make; cd ..
cd libpcap; ./configure; make; cd ..
cd examples; make

10.2. Usage

In order to run a capture session using a Netcope card, use the nsf prefix:

sudo ./pfcount -i nsf:0

Please note that:

  • in order to open port 0 from adapter 0 you should specify “nsf:0:0” (nsf:CARD:PORT) or just “anic:0” (anic:PORT) if device is 0.
  • in order to open a single queue, for instance queue 0, from port 0 you should specify “anic:0@0” (nsf:CARD@RING).