Technical Papers

Over the years we have written many technical papers we presented to international conferences. Below you can find a list of those that are related to our research on networking.

  1. Luca Deri and Alfredo Cardigliano
    10 Gbit Line Rate Packet-to-Disk Using n2disk
    Proceedings of TMA 2013 workshop, April, 2013.
  2. Luca Deri and Francesco Fusco
    Realtime MicroCloud-based Flow Aggregation for Fixed and Mobile Networks
    Proceedings of TRAC 2013 workshop, July 2013.
  3. Luca Deri and others
    Network Monitoring on Multi cores with Algorithmic Skeletons
    Proceedings of International Conference on Parallel Computing,
    ParCo 2011, August 2011.
  4. Luca Deri and others
    Increasing Data Center Network Visibility with Cisco NetFlow-Lite
    Proceedings of CNSM 2011, October 2011 (to appear).
  5. Luca Deri and others
    High Speed Network Traffic Analysis with Commodity Multi-core Systems
    Proceedings of IMC 2010, November 2010.
  6. Luca Deri and others
    Wire-Speed Hardware-Assisted Traffic Filtering with Mainstream Network Adapters
    Proceedings of NEMA 2010, October 2010. [Slides]
  7. Luca Deri and others
    Towards Monitoring Programmability in Future Internet: challenges and solutions
    Proceedings of 21st Tyrrhenian Workshop on Digital Communications, September 2010.
  8. Luca Deri and others
    Collection and Exploration of Large Data Monitoring Sets
    Using Bitmap Databases

    Proceedings of TMA 2010, April 2010.
  9. Luca Deri and others
    Enabling High-Speed and Extensible Real-Time Communications Monitoring
    Proceedings of IM 2009, June 2009.
  10. Luca Deri and Richard Andrews
    N2N: A Layer Two Peer-to-Peer VPN [ slides ]
    Proceedings of AIMS 2008, July 2008.
  11. Luca Deri
    High-Speed Dynamic Packet Filtering
    Journal of Network and System Management, June 2007
  12. Luca Deri
    Open Source VoIP Traffic Monitoring [ foils ]
    Proceedings of SANE 2006, May 2006.
  13. Luca Deri
    nCap: Wire-speed Packet Capture and Transmission
    Proceedings of E2EMON, May 2005.
  14. Luca Deri
    Improving Passive Packet Capture:Beyond Device Polling
    Proceedings of SANE 2004, October 2004.
  15. Luca Deri
    nFlow: Monitoring Flows on IPv4/v6 Networks
    Proceedings of TNC 2004, June 2004.
  16. Luca Deri
    nProbe: an Open Source NetFlow Probe for Gigabit Networks
    Proceedings of Terena TNC 2003, Zagreb, Croatia, May 2003.
  17. Luca Deri
    Passively Monitoring Networks at Gigabit Speeds Using Commodity Hardware and Open Source Software
    Proceedings of PAM 2003, La Jolla, April 2003.
  18. Luca Deri, Rocco Carbone and Stefano Suin
    Monitoring Networks Using ntop
    Proceedings of IM 2001, Seattle, May 2001.
  19. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    Improving Network Security Using Ntop
    Accepted for presentation consideration to RAID 2000 Workshop on the Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection.
  20. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    Effective Traffic Measurement using ntop
    IEEE Communications Magazine, 38(5), pp 138-145, May 2000.
  21. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    Practical Network Security: Experiences with ntop
    TERENA Networking Conference 2000, May 2000.
  22. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    Desktop- vs. Web-based Network Management
    Journal of Network Management, 1999.
  23. Luca Deri and Stefano Suin
    ntop: Beyond ping and traceroute
    Proceedings of DSOM ’99, October 1999.
  24. Luca Deri
    Desktop-based Network Management
    Proceedings of IM ’99, May 1999.
  25. Franck Barillaud, Luca Deri, and Metin Feridun
    Network Management using Internet Technologies
    Proceedings of INM ’97, San Diego, May 1997.
  26. James Reilly, Petri Niska, Luca Deri, and Dieter Gantenbein
    Enabling Mobile Network Managers
    Proceedings of Sixth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW6), 1997.