How can I transfer a License to a new Server?

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Licenses for commercial products (open source applications do not need a license) are bound to a specific host or network adapter. However if you need to transfer a license because your server died or simply because you moved the app to another system, you can do that yourself. You can user this URL to retire your old licenses for the specified orderId you have made: this operation is possible only if you are within 1 year from the date of the purchase or you have maintenance active: if this is not the case you need to renew maintenance first. Then you can create a new license using the credentials received when you purchased the original license. Note that we can allow you this operation only once per systemId and MAC address. This should be enough if you system breaks and you need to move your ntop tools to another system. If this is not enough, please contact us.

If you are using nProbe or ntopng on a Virtual Machine which is subject to migrations, please read this FAQ.

Alternatively, if you are using a machine (e.g. a VM) subject to hardware changes and it does have Internet access, there is one more option for applications such as nProbe or ntopng (this does NOT apply to PF_RING): after you have installed your original license on the new server, you can add --online-license-check to the application command line (example: nprobe -i eth0 --online-license-check) to validate the license against the online license database. The --online-license-check option also supports http proxy setting the http_proxyenvironment variable (example: export http_proxy=http://:).

Please read this note for understanding the limitations of the online license check.

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