I have problems with payments on the e-shop: what can I do?

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Payments on the e-shop use PayPal. If you see the error

GetExpressCheckoutDetails API call failed.
Detailed Error Message: This transaction couldn’t be completed.
Please redirect your customer to PayPal.
Short Error Message: This transaction couldn’t be completed.
Error Code: 10486
Error Severity Code: Error

the payment did not go through, and you can try the following solutions:

  • PayPal has a temporary problem that prevents the payment from being performed. What a bit (one hour or so) and try again. Usually this will solve the problem.
  • Sometimes PayPal do not like corporate credit cards. If this is your case you need to use a different card as this is not a temporary issue. Some customers reported that the same card worked with other PayPal merchants. In this case you should try to pay using a different credit card.

If you are still unable to perform the payment on the e-shop, you need to contact us so we can offer two solutions:

  • If you want to pay with credit card, we can send you a PayPal money request that sometimes works even though the standard PayPal checkout does not.
  • We can arrange wire transfer by bank.

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