Starting ntopng on the correct network interface under Windows

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ntopng for Windows is a service The ntop installer stores an empty set of options into the registry. Users who need to modify those options can:

  • Open a shell and test your options. In order to do this type "ntop /c myFlags". The "/c" flag is needed to tell ntop not to read flags from the registry but rather from the command line.
  • When you’re sure about your flags do "ntopng /i myFlags". For instance "ntopng /i -i 0 -P C:".
  • Restart the ntop service from the Services control panel.

In particular it is possible to start ntop on a specific interface. In order to show the list of know interfaces type "ntop /h" and ntop will list the list of know interfaces. Each interface has a unique index as shown in this example:

C:\ntop\Binary> ntop /h

Available interfaces (-i <interface index>):
   [index=0] Parallels Ethernet Adapter (Microsoft’s Packet Scheduler)
   [index=1] TAP-Win32 Adapter V8 (Microsoft’s Packet Scheduler)
   [index=2] TAP-Win32 Adapter V8 (Microsoft’s Packet Scheduler)

In order to start ntop on the interface "Parallels Ethernet Adapter" it’s necessary to use the index 0. In this case

  • Remove the previous ntop registered service "ntopng /r"
  • Add the new ntop service "ntopng /i -i 0"
  • Restart the ntop service

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