The n2disk software comes in four versions: n2disk1g, n2disk5g, n2disk (10g and above), depending on the ingress traffic rate that need to be processed (note: there is no constraint on the link speed or number of links).

n2disk1g (1 Gbit/s)

This is the entry-level version, enough for rates up to 1 Gigabit.

n2disk5g (5 Gbit/s)

This is the standard version, with two threads: one for packet capture and one for disk writing. This version can handle rates up to 5 Gigabit.

n2disk (10/40 Gbit/s)

This version includes support for ZC and multithreaded traffic processing, with an internal architecture able to load-balance pcap processing and indexing on multiple threads. This version can handle 10 Gigabit and above.