Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I’m sending 60 bytes ping packets using ‘ping –s 60’ but nProbe reports 92 bytes packets.
    • A: nProbe counts the packet size at IP level. An ICMP Echo Request packet with 60 bytes payload is 92 bytes long.
  • Q: I need to capture traffic from several interfaces but nProbe allows just one interface to be used. What can I do?
    • A: You can start several instances of nProbe, each on a different network interface.
  • Q: nProbe is exporting flows too fast and my collector cannot keep up with it. How can I slow down nProbe export rate?
    • A: nProbe has been for high-speed networks (1Gb and above) so its export rate can be high due to traffic conditions. There are several solutions available:
      • Specify a minimum intra-flow delay (-e flag)
      • Use several collectors and send them flows in round robin (-n flag) in order to balance load among the collectors.