nProbe can be installed on pfsense using the command line. This requires the configuration of the FreeBSD repository as described at

Repository Configuration

Log into the pfsense Shell as administrator (select option 8).

pfsense Shell

pfsense Shell

And install the repository using the command provided at (you can cut&paste the command below).

pkg add

The output should look like the below.

ntop Repo Installation

ntop Repository Installation

Package Installation

After logging into the pfsense Shell, run the below command to install the nProbe package:

pkg install nprobe

License Configuration

Run the below command in order to get all the information required by the license generator (Version and System ID).

/usr/local/bin/nprobe --version

The license should be installed under /usr/local/etc/nprobe.license

echo LICENSE_KEY > /usr/local/etc/nprobe.license

nProbe Configuration

A sample nProbe configuration file is located under /usr/local/etc/nprobe/nprobe.conf.sample, please copy it to /usr/local/etc/nprobe.conf and open it with the preferred editor in case the default settings should be modified.

Enable nProbe with the below commands:

sysrc nprobe_enable="YES"

Run the nProbe service:

service nprobe start