Models and Licenses

The nScrub software comes in two versions, 1G and 10G. Each version comes in various flavours (S/M for 1G, L/XL/XXL for 10G) depending on speed and number of target servers that nScrub can handle.

The 10G version includes support for multithreaded packet capture and processing, with an internal architecture able to balance the load across multiple threads in a zero-copy fashion. This version can handle rates above 10 Gigabit.

Please find all nScrub flavours in the table below.

Speed 1 Gigabit 1 Gigabit 10 Gigabit 10 Gigabit 10 Gigabit
Servers Up to 10 Unlimited Up to 10 Up to 100 Unlimited

License Setup

nScrub needs a license in order to operate permanently (i.e. not in demo mode). In order to obtain a license, you need to go to the web shop and order it using the system ID and nScrub version and model that you want to enable.

Identity version and system ID:

nscrub -V
nscrub 1.0 [SystemID: 1234567890]

Get a license and install it:

echo <LICENSE> > /etc/nscrub.license

You can now start your licensed nScrub copy. It is possible to check license status with:

nscrub --check-license

and maintenance expiration with:

nscrub --check-maintenance

Please note that in order to run nScrub on top of PF_RING ZC, you also need ZC licenses, one for each interface you are going to use. In order to obtain ZC licenses, you need to go to the web shop and order them using the MAC addresses as reported by:

ifconfig <interface>

the driver model as reported by:

ethtool -i <interface> | grep driver

and the PF_RING version as reported by:

zcount -h | grep PFRING_ZC


Licensee’s use of this software is conditioned upon acceptance of the terms specified in