3. Intel Support

Accelerated packet capture and trasmission for Intel adapters is available on PF_RING ZC by means of specialised drivers as described in the PF_RING ZC section. Please also read Installing from packages for installation and configuration instructions.

3.1. Supported Intel NICs Comparison

This table below helps you understanding what features are delivered by each Intel driver family and chipset model.

  e1000e igb ixgbe ixgbevf i40e iavf fm10k ice
Status Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Deprecated Supported
Max Port Speed (Gbit) 1 1 10 10 40 40 100 100
Symmetric RSS No RSS Yes Yes Yes Dep on Fw Dep on Fw Yes Yes
RX Hardware Timestamp   82580/i350           Yes
Read/Set Device Clock               Yes
TX Timestamp               Yes
Dual mode (Kernel and ZC) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes


  • Symmetric RSS: on some adapters (e.g. i40e) this depends on the firmware version, a message is dmesg is printed to warn about this when no symmetric support is detected.
  • Dual mode: ZC drivers supporting this mode can run as standard kernel drivers when there is no ZC socket running for the specific interface.