Configuration Backup

By clicking on “Backup Configuration” under the cog_icon icon, it is possible to download the nEdge configuration. This downloads a copy of the nEdge configuration as compressed tarball (.tar.gz), including:

  • Configuration file (unless command line is used for providing the options)
  • System configuration (system.config)
  • Runtime configuration (runtimeprefs.json)
  • /etc/ntopng folder
  • License file

Configuration Restore

nEdge configuration can be restored by placing the compressed tarball (downloaded via Backup Configuration) into the nEdge data directory and restarting the service. The tarball must be named conf.tar.gz.

For example, assuming the default /var/lib/ntopng data directory has not been changed, one can restore a previously backed-up configuration by placing the compressed tarball in /var/lib/ntopng/conf.tar.gz and then issuing a systemctl restart nedge.


After the restore, the compressed archive into the data directory is automatically deleted.


Restore is only supported for packaged ntopng installations on systems that use systemd.