Here is a list of some of the unique features nEdge provides:

  • Secure DNS to block malicious domains
  • Provide fair bandwidth share between LAN devices
  • Block/throttle undesired protocols
  • Create users to group device together and assign block/bandwidth limit policies
  • Protect children from inappropriate content
  • Define per-user and per-protocol time/traffic quotas
  • Define customized routing policies with failover and load balance
  • Assisted monitoring device configuration

Moreover, since nEdge is based on the well known monitoring software ntopng, a lot more interesting features are available:

  • Malware hosts detection by the means of blacklists
  • Active discovery and classification of the active devices in the network
  • Accurate L7 traffic classification thanks to nDPI
  • Many traffic insights, for example per user, country, operating system views
  • Per host/device flows view
  • Traffic reports and charts of the past traffic
  • Alerts system with slack integration

Some of the ntopng features, however, are not available in nEdge:

  • No flow data export/historical explorer (e.g. MySQL and ElasticSearch export)
  • No traffic profiles
  • No ability to read data from nProbe (e.g. NetFlow/sFlow data)
  • No LDAP integration
  • No SNMP devices monitoring


Currently, IPv6 traffic is neither handled nor forwarded by nEdge. IPv6 traffic is never forwarded to LAN or WAN devices.