Device Recovery

nEdge will reconfigure the device according to the specified configuration options.

If the device where nEdge is installed does not have video or keyboard access, it can be still recovered in case of failure, by manually connecting to its recover IP address. The default recover IP address is

Here are some instructions to connect to the device using the recovery IP:

  1. Configure a static IP address on a wired network interface on your pc, with the following parameters:

    • IP:
    • Netmask:
    • Gateway/DNS: can left blank
    On Linux based distribution, this can be easily done with the command:

    ifconfig eth0, where eth0 is the wired interface name

  2. Connect a cable from the wired interface of the PC to the LAN interface of the nEdge.

  3. Verify the connection with the nEdge: ping The device should respond with ping replies

  4. Access the nEdge GUI by visiting the following URL with a web browser:

Factory Reset

After connecting to the nEdge GUI, a factory reset can be performed to restore the nEdge settings to the defaults. This will also flush all the nEdge historical data.

From the System Setup menu, go into the Misc tab and click the Factory Reset button.

Factory Reset

nEdge factory reset confirmation dialog

Note: the reboot won’t change the system configuration yet. After the reboot, nEdge will be restored to original settings. By logging in into the nEdge GUI it will be possible to perform the first start setup and permanently apply the new settings.