Export Plugin

nProbe allows you to export data do external sources. This plugin allows to export flows to ElasticSearch and kafka. Following are the configuration options required:

--elastic <format>         | Enable export to ElasticSearch
                           | Format: <index type>;<index name>;<es URL>;<es user>:<es pwd>
                           | Example:
                           | --elastic "flows;nprobe-%Y.%m.%d;http://localhost:9200/_bulk;user:pwd"
                           | Note: the <index name> accepts the format supported by strftime().

--kafka <brokers>;<topic>[;<ack>;<compr>]
                           | Send flows to Apache Kafka brokers obtained by metadata information
                           | <host1>[:<port1>],<host2>[:<port2>]... Initial brokers list used to
                           | receive metadata information
                           | <topic>       Message topic
                           | <0|1|-1>      0=Don't wait for ack
                           |               1=Leader ack is enough
                           |               -1=All replica must ack
                           | <compression> Compression type: none, gzip, snappy
                           | Example --kafka localhost;test;0;gzip

The exported fields are the ones specified into the nProbe template parameter -T. See nprobe -H for the full list of supported fields.

You can read more here: