SIP Plugin

This plugin dissects SIP traffic information and saves it in dump files as well export the information via NetFlow/IPFIX using the following information elements.

%SIP_CALL_ID               SIP call-id
%SIP_CALLING_PARTY         SIP Call initiator
%SIP_CALLED_PARTY          SIP Called party
%SIP_RTP_CODECS            SIP RTP codecs
%SIP_INVITE_TIME           SIP time (epoch) of INVITE
%SIP_TRYING_TIME           SIP time (epoch) of Trying
%SIP_RINGING_TIME          SIP time (epoch) of RINGING
%SIP_INVITE_OK_TIME        SIP time (epoch) of INVITE OK
%SIP_BYE_TIME              SIP time (epoch) of BYE
%SIP_BYE_OK_TIME           SIP time (epoch) of BYE OK
%SIP_CANCEL_TIME           SIP time (epoch) of CANCEL
%SIP_CANCEL_OK_TIME        SIP time (epoch) of CANCEL OK
%SIP_RTP_IPV4_SRC_ADDR     SIP RTP stream source IP
%SIP_RTP_L4_SRC_PORT       SIP RTP stream source port
%SIP_RTP_IPV4_DST_ADDR     SIP RTP stream dest IP
%SIP_RTP_L4_DST_PORT       SIP RTP stream dest port
%SIP_RESPONSE_CODE         SIP failure response code
%SIP_REASON_CAUSE          SIP Cancel/Bye/Failure reason cause
%SIP_UAC                   SIP user-agent client
%SIP_UAS                   SIP user-agent server
%SIP_C_IP                  SIP C IP adresses
%SIP_CALL_STATE            SIP Call State

A User Agent Client (UAC) is an entity that sends SIP requests and receives SIP responses. For example, a SIP telephone is a UAC because it sends an INVITE request to create a voice call. A User Agent Server (UAS) is an entity that receives SIP requests and sends SIP responses. A UAS will send SIP REGISTER requests, but these are not considered to be session creation messages. A SIP telephone is also a UAS because it accepts INVITE requests in order to ring the telephone and alert the user. Because of their dual roles, User Agent Client (%SIP_UAC) and Sser Agent Server (%SIP_UAS) are expressed relative to the client and server of the flow.


As this plugin dissects traffic packets, it is only available when nProbe is used in probe mode.