ntop Tools Taxonomy

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As sometime people is confused about the various options ntopng tools offer, this post is an attempt to clarify them in a single page.

Use CaseProduct
Collect flows (sFlow and/or NetFlow) and dump them to disk or send them to a remote collectornProbe (any version). Better to use nProbe Pro if you have proprietary flows. Check the nProbe working modes.
Convert packet into flowsnProbe if you have <= 10 Gbit traffic or nProbe Cento at 10+ Gbit. Check the nProbe working modes.
Both collect and visualize flows on a web GUIUse ntopng for visualisation and nProbe for flow collection. Check how to configure nProbe with ntopng.
Analyse network packets and create a web reportUse ntopng if you have a few Gbits of traffic. With more traffic use nProbe or nProbe Cento to convert packets into flows and use ntopng to collect them.
Dump traffic to diskn2disk. Choose the version based on the network speed you are monitoring (1, 5, and 10+ Gbit). It is possible to integrate it with ntopng.
Mitigate network traffic attacks discarding bad trafficnScrub. Choose the version based on the network speed and the number of hosts to protect.
Process traffic (<= 1 Gbit)PF_RING community.
Process traffic (> 1 Gbit)PF_RING ZC. Note that ntopng, nProbe and the other products need a PF_RING ZC license when operating with networks speeds 1 Gbit+