• Upcoming Events: CheckMK Conference and Interop Tokio

    In the next couple of weeks we’ll be active in meeting our user community at two events: As you know ntopng is natively integrated with CheckMK. CheckMK Conference that will take place on June 11-13 in Munich, Germany. The ntop team will organize a one-day workshop about ntopng and cybersecurity.  Thanks to our partner for […]

  • ELLIO and ntop partnership: combining cybersecurity with high-speed network traffic analysis

    Prague, Czech Republic / Pisa, Italy, May 29, 2024 – ELLIO, a provider of real-time, highly accurate intelligence for filtering of unwanted network traffic and cybernoise, and ntop, a provider of open-source and commercial high-speed traffic monitoring applications, have announced a partnership to enhance visibility into malicious traffic originating from opportunistic scans and attacks within […]

  • ELLIO for ntopng: HowTo Prevent CyberAccidents Using Blacklists

    Time is one of the main problems in cybersecurity. Detecting issues after they have happened can cost you money and resources to restore the system. Network traffic monitoring tools have as goal to show what is happening on a network.  Traditionally, monitoring protocols such as IPFIX/NetFlow export monitoring data periodically and often limit their analysis […]

  • HowTo Use Cloud Licenses

    As discussed in our spring webinar, it is now possible to use (in beta) cloud licenses with ntopng and nProbe. Contrary to standard licenses that are bound to a physical system (based on the systemId), cloud licenses are “floating” as the same license file can be used on multiple hosts, of course not simultaneously (i.e. […]

  • Using WeChat For Delivering ntopng Alerts

    WeChat is a multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment app developed by Tencent in China. Our Chinese-speaking users requested for a long  time an integration of ntopng with it, and this is to announce it. By integrating ntopng alerts with WeChat, users can conveniently access network notifications within a platform they are already comfortable […]

  • Using ClickHouse Cloud with ntopng

    We are happy to announce that from the latest ntopng dev (6.1) version, ntopng supports exporting data (flows & alerts) to ClickHouse Cloud. Below you can find a step-by-step guide. Quick Start First of all let’s start by creating our account and service on the ClickHouse Cloud (you can find the official guide here); remember […]

  • Fixing Packet Deduplication: Introducing nDedup

    When it comes to monitor a busy network, network monitoring tools can become bogged down, or even worse produce misleading information for your analysis, by a hidden culprit: duplicate packets. Imagine a firehose of data streaming across your network, much of this data can be redundant, with identical packets being sent multiple times due to […]

  • ntop Spring Webinar: ntop Cloud, LLM/AI, SmartNIC

    This is to invite you to the ntop spring webinar. The major webinar topic includes: ntop Cloud Usage of LLM (Large Language Models)/AI in ntop tools SmartNIC support in ntop Products News about ntopng 6.1 Ongoing developments Those who have missed the event can view the presentation slides.   

  • ntop Cloud: Basic Concepts

    We have designed the ntop Cloud as a way to securely interconnect customer applications deployed across hosts in heterogeneous environments not necessarily directly interconnected. Initially the goal of ntop Cloud is to enable users to administer easily these applications, update/restart/stop/start them with a mouse click, reconfigure them, and supervise their activities. Future SaaS (software as […]

  • Ntop at Caltech: Network Security Monitoring

    It is a pleasure to report the feedback of Greg, one our many long-time users, who reported on LinkedIn how ntop tools have been used to monitor Caltech traffic. Enjoy !

Packet Capture

Wire-speed packet capture and transmission using commodity hardware with PF_RING. Zero-Copy packet distribution across threads, applications, Virtual Machines. Libpcap support for seamless integration with legacy applications. Remote capture with nTAP.

Traffic Recording

100 Gbit lossless network traffic recording with n2disk. Industry standard PCAP file format with nanosecond resolution. Layer-7 on-the-fly indexing to quickly retrieve interesting packets using fast-BPF and time interval. Precise traffic replay with disk2n.

Network Probe

NetFlow v5/v9/IPFIX data export and collection with nProbe, an extensible probe with plugins support for L7 content inspection. 100 Gbit NetFlow, traffic classification, and packet shunting for IDS and packet-to-disk acceleration with nProbe Cento.

Traffic Analysis

High-speed web-based traffic analysis and flow collection using ntopng. Persistent traffic statistics in RRD and Influx format. Full historical data to ClickHouse and big data systems. Layer 7 analysis based on nDPI. Identity Management with Firewalls and Active Directory support.