• How ntopng Host Traffic Accounting Works

    Despite ntop has implemented rich network metrics over the years, the two most important metrics that people keep asking us are volume (how much) and time (how long).  Timeseries offer a quick view of the traffic and allow people to immediately spot traffic peaks or absence of transmissions. They are good for traffic analysis but […]

  • Introducing nBox Mini

    As previously announced, we have added a new entry in the nBox product list: the nBox Mini. This is a small rugged device with 1 and 2.5 Gbit Ethernet port designed to be used as turn key solutions for monitoring small-mid size networks (typically up to 255 hosts), it is preconfigured to accept mirrored traffic […]

  • How we have Decreased ntopng Memory Usage by more than 60%

    In this blog post we want to shave our experience squeezing ntopng memory usage to fit into small OT monitoring devices manufactured by our partner Endian. Just to give you an idea of the work we did look at these two images taken on the same network at the same time of the day, before […]

  • HowTo Analyse NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow pcap Traces

    Dumping sFlow/NetFlow/IPFIX flows in pcap format can be very useful for troubleshooting or for creating a compact traffic dump. For instance you can dump flow traffic with n2disk (wireshark, or tcpdump) and store them in pcap format, and eventually share them with a shared disk or sent via email. Flows are usually analysed live with […]

  • ipt_geofence: Protecting Networks using Geofencing, Blocklists and Service Analysis

    Last week the ntop team has organised the network devroom at FOSDEM 2024, that took place in Brussels on Feb 2-3. During the devroom we have presented one tool named ipt_geofence that we have created for protecting our network infrastructure and generate blacklists that can be used with ntop tools (this task is still ongoing). […]

  • Introducing ntopng Customised Reports

    In ntopng 6.0 Dashboard and Traffic Reports have been completely redesigned and rewritten from scratch with a new, flexible engine which is template-based. In a previous webinar we demonstrated how cute and powerful the new engine is, with the ability to automatically generate periodic reports, and with the promise of releasing a graphical editor for customising […]

  • HowTo Monitor SNMP Interfaces Utilisation and Congestion Rate

    Recently, we added the ability in ntopng to monitor link utilisation using NetFlow/IPFIX. In this post, we want to show you how we further improved those functionalities by leveraging SNMP to monitor the status of many devices (interfaces) simply. SNMP is a well-known protocol used for monitoring network devices, and ntopng uses it to poll […]

  • How Sampling and Throughput Calculation Works: NetFlow/IPFIX vs sFlow vs Packets

    ntop tools are able to collect various type of flows NetFlow/IPFIX (including dialects such as J-Flow, NetStream) and sFlow/NetFlowLite, this in addition to packet capture/processing. We have decided to seamlessly handle all these formats so that the user does not have to know the inner details of them. so what you do is the usual […]

  • Using ntop in Education: South Panola School District

    ntop tools are heavily used in education and we’re glad to share a gust post that described the lessons learnt deploying our tools in a a public school district of Mississippi. Enjoy ! South Panola School District’s (SPSD) network continues to evolve to better serve the needs of its students and staff. Upon employment at […]

  • Short 1-2Q24 Roadmap: ntop Cloud, Towards 200 Gbit, Cybersecurity, Low-end nBox

    Happy new year everyone! Thos who followed our November webinar know already that we’re working at new features and improvements in our tools. Below you can find a short list of features we plan to implement by the end of spring: ntop cloud. This is the major activity where we’re involved. As already said, for […]

Packet Capture

Wire-speed packet capture and transmission using commodity hardware with PF_RING. Zero-Copy packet distribution across threads, applications, Virtual Machines. Libpcap support for seamless integration with legacy applications. Remote capture with nTAP.

Traffic Recording

100 Gbit lossless network traffic recording with n2disk. Industry standard PCAP file format with nanosecond resolution. Layer-7 on-the-fly indexing to quickly retrieve interesting packets using fast-BPF and time interval. Precise traffic replay with disk2n.

Network Probe

NetFlow v5/v9/IPFIX data export and collection with nProbe, an extensible probe with plugins support for L7 content inspection. 100 Gbit NetFlow, traffic classification, and packet shunting for IDS and packet-to-disk acceleration with nProbe Cento.

Traffic Analysis

High-speed web-based traffic analysis and flow collection using ntopng. Persistent traffic statistics in RRD and Influx format. Full historical data to ClickHouse and big data systems. Layer 7 analysis based on nDPI. Identity Management with Firewalls and Active Directory support.