Discord Server

Discord is a tool that allows us to be in touch in text, audio and video (or in short Discord is an open-source slack basically).

You can join the ntop server clicking on this link.

Telegram Group

You can get in touch with the ntop community and developers by joining the Telegram ntop community groups:

English: https://tinyurl.com/r7w37nr

Italiano: https://tinyurl.com/twatw5l


Community Support

Mailing Lists

List Name Description URL
ntop-dev@listgateway.unipi.it Bug reports, extensions, etc. related to ntop development More Info (Un/Subscribe)
ntop@listgateway.unipi.it General questions about ntop (all that’s not suitable for ntop-dev) More Info (Un/Subscribe)

Note: in order to reduce spam, users cannot post messages unless they are subscribed to the list.