Introducing Automatic Package Update in ntopng

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One of the most useful features in applications, is the ability to

  • Update the application with a matter of click with no need to move to the terminal console.
  • Instruct the system to update the application as a new version is available.

We have realised that many of our users missed this feature in ntopng for a long time, and so we decided to implement it. Currently it is part of the nightly builds, and it will be included in the next stable release. As this feature depends on the operating system, we have decided to implement it for all the Linux distributions (sorry, no Windows support) for which we package our tools and that can be found at

Once you have installed the latest ntopng, you will see a new menu item under the wheel menu:


You can force the check for a new ntopng version and manually install it if a version is available. In case you want to check for a new version, you need to allow a few seconds as the check is performed via cron at one minute granularity in case it was requested by the use. Every night we check if a new version is available, so in the morning you don’t have to do it yourself manually.

In case you want ntopng to self-update itself overnight, you can find a new preference item under the “Updates” section. By default ntopng does NOT update itself overnight as we do not want to restart ntopng unless necessary, but if you want you can enable this preference and thus let ntopng do everything automatically on your behalf.