High-Speed Web-based Traffic Analysis and Flow Collection

ntopng User Interface

ntopng is the next generation version of the original ntop, a network traffic probe that monitors network usage. ntopng is based on libpcap/PF_RING and it has been written in a portable way in order to virtually run on every Unix platform, MacOS and on Windows as well.

ntopng – yes, it’s all lowercase – provides a intuitive, encrypted web user interface for the exploration of realtime and historical traffic information.

Main Features

  • Sort network traffic according to many criteria including IP address, port, Layer-7 (L7) application protocols, throughput, Autonomous Systems (ASs)
  • Show realtime network traffic and active hosts
  • Produce long-term reports for several network metrics including throughput and L7 application protocols
  • Top talkers (senders/receivers), top ASs, top L7 application protocols
  • Monitor and report live throughput, network and application latencies, Round Trip Time (RTT), TCP statistics (retransmissions, out of order packets, packet lost), and bytes and packets transmitted
  • Store on disk persistent traffic statistics to allow future explorations and post-mortem analyses
  • Geolocate and overlay hosts in a geographical map
  • Discover Layer-7 application protocols (Facebook, YouTube, BitTorrent, etc) by leveraging on nDPI, ntop Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology
  • Analyze IP traffic and sort it according to the source/destination
  • Report IP protocol usage sorted by protocol type
  • Produce HTML5/AJAX network traffic statistics
  • Full support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Full Layer-2 support (including ARP statistics)
  • GTP/GRE detunnelling
  • Support for nIndex, MySQL, ElasticSearch export of monitored data
  • Interactive historical exploration of monitored data exported to nIndex and MySQL
  • Flexible alerts handling
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3 support and continuous monitoring of SNMP devices
  • Identity Management, including correlation of VPN users to traffic
  • Focused on cybersecurity
  • Behavioral traffic analyses such as lateral movements and periodic traffic detection
  • REST API to ease integrations with third-parties

Tech Specs

  • Linux
  • FreeBSD/OPNsense/pfSense
  • Windows x64 (including the latest Windows 10)
  • MacOS
  • RaspbianOS
  • Available through any HTML5-ready web browser
  • TLS/HTTPS support
  • Ethernet
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • GRE
  • 250+ Layer-7 application protocols supported by nDPI
  • …and many more
  • Lua scriptability
  • Web interface extensions without having to change the ntopng C++ engine
Additional Features
  • sFlow, NetFlow (including v5 and v9) and IPFIX support through nProbe (collection from multiple nProbes is supported)
  • Internet Domain, AS, VLAN (Virtual LAN) Statistics
  • Protocol decoders for all application protocols supported by nDPI

Available Versions

ntopng comes in four versions, Community, Professional, Enterprise M, Enterprise L. The Community version is free to use and opensource (code can be found on Github). The Professional and Enterprise offer some extra features that are particularly useful for SMEs or larger organizations. Features are highlighted in the following table.


Feature Community Pro Enterprise M Enterprise L
Monitor the active flows and hosts of your network (number of interfaces) † 8 8 16 32
Identity application protocols (Facebook, Youtube, BitTorrent, etc) in the network
Record and Visualize hosts’ historical application protocols usage
Group hosts by VLAN, Operating System, Country, and Autonomous Systems
Get a geographic map of your network communications with the rest of the world
Identify top talkers (senders and receivers) hosts with minute resolution
Visualize the top HTTP sites contacted by an host
Export expired flows information to MySQL, possibly augmented with nProbe data **
Generate alerts when hosts cross configurable time/traffic thresholds or have suspicious behaviours
Get alerts notifications as Email, Discord, Telegram, WebHook, Slack, Syslog messages
Split, merge, and visualize VLAN based traffic
Collect data from nProbe to treat remote nProbe-monitored interfaces and flow exporter devices (for example routers and switches) as if they were local
Split, merge, and visualize data collected from nProbe
Group local hosts into logical sets of IP and MAC addresses known as host pools ††
Get a realtime view of top talkers and application protocols and compare them with daily activities
Explore recorded nIndex (or MySQL, when available) data to identify the cause of network problems
Generate graphical reports with top hosts, application protocols, countries, networks, and autonomous systems within any configurable time frame
Mark and historicize traffic with user-defined traffic profiles to match hosts, ports and applications using the BPF syntax ‡
Limit or block hosts’ traffic with customized per-application policies *
Integrate ntopng login with LDAP authentication servers *
Send alerts to Elasticsearch
Query SNMP devices data, such as port status, traffic and and MAC address information
Advanced MySQL insertions yielding 5x faster database writes **
Optimized MySQL aggregations for faster historical flow data explorations **
Get total traffic and activity reports for any given host, network, or interface
Identify attackers and victims through an alerts dashboard in realtime and in the past
Visualize host pools’ historical applications protocols usage
Explore and filter flow alerts in the past
Visualize and historicise SNMP per-device-port traffic
Visualize and historicise NetFlow/sFlow devices data
Apply per-protocol daily traffic and time quotas to your clients *
High Performance Embedded Flow Index nIndex * †††
Continuous Traffic Recording *
Custom Interface Disaggregation †
Service / Periodicity Maps
Identity Management
Continuous Recording license Included (n2disk 1Gbit)†††† ** Bundle
Flow Collection license Included (nProbe Pro)†††† Bundle
* Feature not available on Windows
** Feature not available on FreeBSD / OPNsense / pfsense
† We recommend monitoring up to 8 interfaces per ntopng instance. The Enterprise version allows simultaneous monitoring of up to 16 (Enterprise M) and 32 (Enterprise L) network interfaces with adequate hardware, all other versions are limited to 8 different interfaces. nIndex supports up to 16 interfaces regardless of the ntopng version.
†† The Enterprise version allows the creation of up to 128 different host pools with an unlimited number of pool members. Professional and Community versions allow the creation of up to 3 different host pools with a maximum of 8 members per pool.
‡ The Enterprise version allows the creation of up to 128 different traffic profiles. The Professional version allows the creation of up to 16 traffic profiles.
††† Max 3 days retention on Pro, unlimited retention on Enterprise
†††† Here you can read more about the software bundled with the Enterprise L edition

All versions are meant to be used on a “full-fledged PC” such as an x86 machine. Users who plan to install ntopng on Raspberry devices, should consider using the RaspberryOS packages available for ARM.

Use Cases

Monitor a Physical Interface

A physical NIC card can be monitored simply by specifying its interface name as

ntopng -i eth0

Flow Collection

Flow collection requires ntopng to be used in conjunction with nProbe which can act as probe/proxy. The communication between nProbe and ntopng takes place over ZeroMQ, a publish-subscribe protocol that allows ntopng to communicate with nProbe. An environment where a remote nProbe is physically monitoring from a NIC and sending monitored flows to ntopng can be deployed as

nprobe -i eth1 --zmq tcp:// -T @NTOPNG@

ntopng -i tcp://

Performance figures are given here.


ntopng Community is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 license. Professional and Enterprise versions are subject to the EULA terms as well.
Enterprise L version already includes n2disk 1 Gbit (Continuous Recording) and nProbe Pro (Flow Collection) licenses.

 Get It

Have a look at the download page for installation instructions and at the shop if you are considering to get a license. As all the other ntop products, a licensed ntopng includes installation support.