10. Bridging and Traffic Policing

Up to release 3.4 ntopng included some inline capabilities used to filter traffic according to specified policies. Based on user feedbacks we have rewritten from scratch the code and created a new ntopng edition called ntopng Edge (nEdge in short) that fully enhances the existing features and adds a new simplified user interface. Inline capabilities have been removed since the development version (3.5.x) and they will be removed in the following stable (3.6).


Contrary to the original ntopng inline, nEdge will reconfigure your computer according to the preferences you set in the GUI as explained in the nEdge user’s guide.

Until 31.12.2018 we offer free licenses migration to existing ntopng Pro/Enterprise users to nEdge Pro: just send us a message using the contact form and we’ll send you the nEdge license.