ts_utils API

Query options:
  • max_num_points: maximum number of points per data serie.
  • fill_value: the value to use for filling empty points. Use 0/0 for nan.
  • min_value: minimum value.
  • max_value: maximum value, use math.huge for unlimited.
  • top: number of top items to return in a “topk” query.
  • calculate_stats: if true, calculate additional stats (like average and 95th percentile).
Query result (returned by ts_utils.query and ts_utils.topk):
  • start: result start time epoch (adjusted to UTC).
  • step: result time step in seconds between consecutive series points.
  • count: number of points for each data series.
  • series: a list of data series. See below for details.
  • statistics: additional statistics. See below for details. Statistics are optional.
  • additional_series: (optional) a list of additional series (e.g. the total series).
Data series:
  • label: series label.
  • data: a unidimensional array of series values.
Query result statistics:
  • total: traffic integral in the specified time range.
  • average average value.
  • min_val_idx: index for the minimum series value.
  • min_val: minimum series value.
  • max_val_idx: index for the maximum series value.
  • max_val: maximum series value.
  • 95th_percentile: the 95th percentile.


All the stats are calculate on the total series. The total series is obtained by taking the sum, point by point, of all the returned series. On topk queries, it also includes the non top series.