Released nDPI 1.5

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Today we have have released nDPI 1.5. The main changes include:

  • Support of additional protocols such as Redis, ZeroMQ, Collectd, Megaco.
  • Fixed bugs in existing protocol dissectors and refreshed protocols that changed since the previous release (e.g Skype that is a real moving target).
  • Major improvements of the sample ndpiReader application:
    • Added 10 Gbit DNA/ZC support when capturing live traffic.
    • Added ability to produce JSON reports when reading pcap file traces.
    • Added new protocol encapsulations such as MPLS, PPPoE.
    • Added new protocol/packets statistics (e.g. Ethernet statistics).
    • Fixed bugs when handling IPv6 packets.
    • Introduced lock-less multithread support for improving the overall performance.
  • Reworked the build process (autogen, configure, make).
  • Reworked the library core to  polish code.
  • The HTTP dissector is now able to detect sub-protocols (e.g. Flash video carried over HTTP).
  • Removed obsolete code and cleaned the .h API.
  • Worked with package maintainers to create binary packages.
  • Fixed the code to compile on Windows, embedded platforms, OSX, Linux and the various BSD versions.