How can I handle VM migrations without breaking the license

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IMPORTANT: This technical note applies only to software versions up to July 21st 2021, as in more recent versions VM support is handled transparently

Licenses for commercial products are bound to a specific System ID, which is a unique host identifier. Unfortunately the System ID, being based on the hardware configuration, is subject to change on Virtual Machines when migrating them across different hosts. This usually breaks the license. In order to avoid this, the latest nProbe (stable v.9.4.210212 and dev v.9.5.210212 or later) and ntopng (stable v.4.2.210212 and dev v.4.3.210212 or later) versions, support a new –vm option that can be used to generate a System ID that has been designed to be resistant to migrations (and still it is unique per VM, in case of multiple VMs running on the same host).

nProbe example:

sudo nprobe --version --vm | grep SystemID

ntopng example:

sudo ntopng -V --vm | grep System

Please use this System ID when generating the license on the online shop if you install nProbe or ntopng on a VM which is subject to migrations.

If you are not running nProbe, or this option does not work for you, please also read this FAQ.