Sending Messages to Kafka

In addition of flow export and collection, you can use kafka from Lua scripts to deliver messages to remote recipients. This can be achieved using the API call ntop.sendKafkaMessage(<broker>,<message>). This function takes as input two strings:

  • the broker string specifies how to connect to Kafka infrastructure. Its format is <broker IPs>;<topic>;<options>. As already described, the broker IPs are separated with commas (,) and they can have an optional port. The topic specifies where to deliver messages to, and the <options> contains optional specifications used when connecting with the broker. You can read the whole list of supported kafka options to know what options are supported.
  • the string message to be delivered to the specified topic.


Below you can find some examples:

  • Send the “Hello World” string to the topic hello: ntop.sendKafkaMessage(";hello;", "Hello World")
  • Send the “Say hello to ntopng !” string to the topic of broker, info using a compressed connection: ntop.sendKafkaMessage(";info;compression.codec=gzip", "Hello World")