Device Monitoring

ntopng supports several MIBS including (but not limited to):

  • MIB-II
  • Bridge MIB
  • netSNMP

Below you can see an overview of a device:

SNMP Device Overview

During device discovery, ntopng automatically detectes the MIBs and in the device menu are displayed icons of those that aare available. In the picture below you can see for instance an overview of the SNMP memory and CPU usage.

SNMP Device: CPU and Memory

Network Interfaces

One of the main uses of SNMP is monitoring of network interfaces. ntopng displays them in a table view:

SNMP Network Interfaces

Clicking on an interface id a drill-down page is shown

SNMP Network Interface Overview

Binding MAC Address to Interface

If present, ntopng polls the bridge MIB that is used to discover the MAC addresses observed on a network interface.

SNMP Interfaces and MAC Addresses

As shown above, ntopng reports the list of MAC addresses for each network interface and uses this information in network monitoring.

SNMP Interfaces and MAC Addresses

In the above picture you can see how SNMP is used to bind an IP address to SNMP and thus to a physical device.