ipt_geofence: Protecting Networks using Geofencing, Blocklists and Service Analysis

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Last week the ntop team has organised the network devroom at FOSDEM 2024, that took place in Brussels on Feb 2-3. During the devroom we have presented one tool named ipt_geofence that we have created for protecting our network infrastructure and generate blacklists that can be used with ntop tools (this task is still ongoing). ipt_geofence, an open-source tool for Linux and FreeBSD that combines in one tool IP geofencing, service (e.g. SSH, Web and mail) analysis, and blocklists. It allows malicious hosts to be blocked and hence protect services in a simple way without having to use multiple tools and complex administration practices to implement what ipt_geofence offers out of the box.

There are the presentation slides used in the presentation, and this is the source code in case you want to play with it.


Enjoy !