Here all the alerts ntopng triggers or receives from third party softwares (see Syslog Ingestion) can be found.

Alerts Entries


From here all the alerts available can be explored and found, by using all the filters available.

All Alerts Page

In ntopng different families of Alerts are available and it’s possible to check the different Alerts triggered for each family by using the navigation menu on top of the page.

Available Alerts Families

When jumping to a specific family, all the available Alerts in the selected timeframe are going to be displayed in a table

Filter Bar

It’s possible to change the selected timeframe by using the calendar or the preset available next to the calendar and it’s possible to filter out the values by adding new filters, by clicking the + symbol on the right or by directly clicking the information on the table, it’s going to open a modal on which it’s possible to add filters.

Timeframes Available

Add Filter Modal

After selecting the filter to add, click on the apply button and the filter is going to be applied, filtering the alerts.

Filtered Alerts

To check all the information available on an alert, there are two possible ways: by clicking on the alert, more info are going to be displayed, or by clicking the action button and then selecting the Info entry.

Alerts Info

Flow Alerts Analyser


This page is available only with Enterprise license.

In this page a summary of the alerts can be seen, in order to understand as fast as possible if and where the issues are.

Alerts Info

It is possible to change the view type by changing the criteria; by changing instead the timeseries entry, it can be changed the research period.

Alerts Info

The X and Y axis displayes different data depending on the criteria selected (e.g. Alerts Count and Score when selecting the Score: Client/Server); the same goes for the tooltip on each node, if the mouse pointer stand still on a node, depending on the criteria, a different message is displayed.

Alerts Info

When clicking on a node, the user is going to be redirected to the Alerts page with the corresponding filters.