Introducing n2n 2.4

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As announced some months ago, we have resumed the development of n2n, a peer-to-peer VPN we developed some year ago to ease the access to remote ntop installations behind firewalls, that then evolved into a full fledge application. After having put on hold the project for some years fur to lack of time and new priorities, months ago we have decided to resume developments and start developing it again. We have realised that many people started to fork and code on n2n, and thus a part of our work is to merge all these changes back on the main repository. However the very first step we decided to do, is to refresh the code, make it work again on modern operating system versions, and thus let packagers create new n2n package versions (some of them were still stuck with v1).

All the n2n code is available on github for all supported platforms, and you can find binary packages on the ntop package repository.

The complete list of 2.4 release is included below. We hope that people can start contribute to the project so we can make it better.

Thank you!

New features

  • Added deb/rpm packages
  • Added systemd configuration files
  • Added ability to read configuration files instead of using only the CLI (needed for packaging)
  • Added n2n Android app
  • Implemented simple API to embed n2n in applications (in addition to use it stand-alone)


  • Major code cleanup
  • Fixed compilation issues on MacOS
  • Fixed Linux segmentation fault