Released nBox 2.6 Now Featuring a New Centralised Manager

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This is to introduce a new nBox stable release 2.6, that includes many security enhancements, a reworked services management system to fully support systemd (available on latest CentOS/Ubuntu releases), and the new NxN user interface to monitor the status of all ntop applications running on distributed appliances in a single place and facilitate centralized management.

The NxN manager includes a dashboard where you can add your nBox appliances, and it will automatically show all services running on each appliance, including informations like actual processed traffic and disk utilisation. The dashboard also lets you control the applications, with the ability to run or stop each application instance.

If you are running raw traffic recording on multiple appliances, the NxN manager also provides a wizard to guide you through the steps for running traffic retrieval from all remote boxes, specifying time interval and traffic filter once. The GUI will run the extractions on the remote boxes and provide you the result in a single centralized place, as soon as data is ready.