What’s New in ntopng: Alert Severities

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Hello everybody !

We are going to use this new blog-post serie to explain ntopng new features and graphic changes; let we know your feedback!

Today we are going to talk about Alert Severities.

In ntopng, Alert Severities, are really important because they are used to understand how severe a problem is. Unfortunately we noticed that there are too many alerts with high score and high severities, confusing ntopng users on which is a critical problem and which is not, independently from the network.

For this reason we decided to add two new severities in ntopng alerts:

  • Critical
  • Emergency

Those two new severities are going to be used just for real critical problems, for which ntopng users should be worried about ! This enables you to avoid flooding your messaging account with several alerts (e.g. with error severity but that are not that critical) that should not be delivered to recipients as they are not that critical.

Currently only two alerts have critical severity:

  • No Traffic Activity (alert triggered whenever there is no traffic on an interface)
  • Active Monitoring (alert triggered whenever an host is unreachable)

Other then that, in order to let users understand better the alerts severities, we added a new column in the Behavioural Checks page, displaying the severity of the various alerts.

This is everything regarding Alert Severities updates.

Enjoy !