Introducing PF_RING 8.0: Batch Packet Processing and XDP Support

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This is to announce a new PF_RING release 8.0. This new stable version includes enhancements for improving application performances, by adding support for batch processing also in the standard API (it was already available in the ZC API), and consolidates XDP support, which has been reworked to fully leverage on the latest Zero-Copy support and buffers management and take full advantage of the native batch capture.

This release also adds support for the latest kernels to the ZC drivers for Intel adapters, including those shipped with CentOS (8.4) and Ubuntu LTS (20) , and it is integrated with the latest SDKs for the FPGA capture modules (Accolade, Napatech, Silicom/Fiberblaze).

A few more API extensions and improvements are included in this release, please check the full changelog below for the whole list. Enjoy!


PF_RING Library

  • Add pfring_recv_burst API allowing batch receive (when supported by the capture module/adapter)
  • New zero-copy AF_XDP support (reworked), including pfring_recv_burst support
  • Fix breakloop when using pfring_loop

ZC Library

  • New pfring_zc_pkt_buff_data_from_cluster API to get the packet buffer providing packet handle and cluster
  • New pfring_zc_pkt_data_buff API to get the packet handle providing packet buffer and cluster
  • New pfring_zc_pkt_buff_pull_only API to remove data from the head room of a packet
  • Add PF_RING_ZC_BUFFER_HEAD_ROOM define (buffer head room size)
  • Add PF_RING_ZC_SEND_PKT_MULTI_MAX_QUEUES define (max number of queues in queues_mask)

FT Library

  • New pfring_ft_api_version API to get the API version
  • New pfring_zc_precompute_cluster_settings API to get memory information before allocating resources
  • Add VXLAN encapsulation support
  • Add tunnel_id to flow metadata
    Add support for compiling examples with DPDK >=20
  • Fix L7 metadata with short flows

PF_RING-aware Libpcap

  • Set 5-tuple clustering as default when using clustering with libpcap

PF_RING Kernel Module

  • Support for kernel >=5.9
  • Add more info to /proc, including promisc mode and ZC slots info
  • Handle long interface name (error on interface length bigger than 14-char as supported by bind)
  • Fix channel selection when channel is unknown (e.g. VM)
  • Fix triple VLAN tags with hw offload/acceleration
  • Fix check on mapped memory size
  • Fix potential data race in SO_SET_APPL_NAME
  • Fix OOB access

PF_RING Capture Modules

  • Accolade library update (SDK 1_2_20210714)
  • Napatech library update (SDK
  • Silicom/Fiberblaze library update (SDK 3_5_9_1)
  • Add steer_to_ring and ring_id fields to Accolade rules (accolade_hw_rule)
  • Add support for recv burst on Napatech adapters in chunk mode
  • Add PF_RING_PACKET_CAPTURE_PRIO env var to set hostBufferAllowance on Napatech adapters
  • Rename ACCOLADE_RING_BLOCKS env var to ANIC_RING_BLOCKS on Accolade adapters (default is now 16)
  • Fix Accolade drop counter when capturing from rings
  • Fix extraction of packets with nsec timestamps on Timeline module (n2disk dump)

ZC Drivers

  • New ice ZC driver v.1.3.2 (Intel Columbiaville / E810 adapters) with symmetric RSS support
  • Support latest kernels, including RH/CentOS 8.4 and Ubuntu 20, for all ZC drivers
  • i40e ZC driver update (v.2.13.10)
  • e1000e ZC driver update (v.3.8.7)


  • New nBPF primitives device ID and interface ID to match metadata from Arista MetaWatch devices

Application Examples

  • pfcount
    • Add -B option (burst mode)
  • pfsend
    • Add -n <num packets> support with -f <pcap>
    • Add support to reforge src/dst IP from pcap with -S and -D
  • ftflow
    • Add -E option to run extra DPI dissection (e.g. to print JA3 info)
  • zbalance_ipc
    • Add runtime reload of nDPI protocol configuration file
    • Add -m 7 option (sample distribution based on eth type)
    • Add default configuration file /etc/cluster/cluster.conf (when no option is specified)


  • Move libraries and utility scripts from /usr/local to /usr
  • Install pfring-aware tcpdump with packages
  • Add revision to pfring-dkms version