PF_RING 5.5.0 Released

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  1. New libzero features
    • DNA Cluster: number of per-consumer rx/tx queue slots and number of additional buffers can be configured via dna_cluster_low_level_settings()
    • hugepages support (pfdnacluster_master/pfdnacluster_multithread -u option)
  2. New PF_RING-aware libpcap features
    • added PF_RING_ACTIVE_POLL environmental variable to enable active polling when defined to 1
    • enable rehash rss setting env var PF_RING_RSS_REHASH=1
    • cluster type selectable via env vars:
  3. New PF_RING-aware drivers
    • Updated Intel drivers to make them compatible with newer kernels
  4. New PF_RING library features
    • new pfring_open() flag PF_RING_HW_TIMESTAMP for enabling hw timestamp
  5. New PF_RING kernel module features
    • handle_user_msg hook for sending msg to plugins
    • SO_SEND_MSG_TO_PLUGIN setsockopt for sending msgs from userspace
    • pf_ring_inject_packet_to_ring for inserting packets in a ring identified by )
    • possibility to redefine the rehash_rss function
  6. Snort PF_RING-DAQ module
    • new configure –with-pfring-kernel-includes option
    • fix for -u -g
  7. DNA drivers fixes
    • Compilation with RHEL 6.3
    • igb drop stats fix
  8. Sample app new features
    • new pfcount.c -s option for enabling hw timestamp
    • new pfdnacluster_multithread option for absolute per-interface stats
  9. Sample apps fixes
    • vlan parsing
    • compilation fix for HAVE_ZERO not set
    • pfcount fix for reentrant mode
    • core binding fixes
  10. PF_RING kernel module fixes
    • channel_id handling
    • fix for hash with cluster type in cluster_per_flow_*
    • important fix for standard pf_ring (BUG #252: extra packets with wrong size)
    • max caplen 16384 increased to 65535 (max 16 bit)
    • fix for handling packets with stripped VLAN IDs
  11. Misc changes
    • Initial work on changelog maintenance
    • Binary packages for Ubuntu/RedHat/CentOS x64 available at