PF_RING 5.5.1 Released

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  • Updated PF_RING-aware ixgbe driver (3.11.33).
  • Update PF_RING-aware igb (4.0.17).
  • Fixed bug that was causing ixgbe driver not to disable interrupts. This was causing a high load on the core handling the interrupts for ixgbe-based card.
  • libzero: various hugepages improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added ability to specify PF_RING_RX_PACKET_BOUNCE in pfring_open().
  • Fixed minor PF_RING memory leak.
  • Various improvements to support of hardware timestamp on Silicom Intel-based 10 Gbit adapters.
  • DNA Bouncer: added direction to pfring_dna_bouncer_decision_func callback (useful in bidirectional mode).
  • DNA Cluster: added dna_cluster_set_hugepages_mountpoint() to manually select the hugepages mount point when several are available.
  • Created architecture specific versions of libzero/DNA for exploiting latest generation of CPUs and thus improve performance.
  • Added pf_ring calls to pcap apps for exploiting PF_RING acceleration even from pcap.