PF_RING 5.5.3 Released

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Today we have released a new maintenance version of PF_RING. We suggest all users to update if possible.

  • PF_RING Kernel module
    • – Support for injecting packets to the stack
    • – Added ability to balance tunneled/fragmented packets with the cluster
    • – Improved init.d script
    • – Packet len fix with GSO enabled, caplen fix with multiple clusters
    • – Bug fixes for race condition with rss rehash, memory corruption, transparent mode and tx capture, kernels >= 3.7.
  • Drivers
    • – Added PF_RING-aware driver for Chelsio cards (cxgb3-
    • – New release for PF_RING-aware igb (igb-4.1.2)
  • DNA
    • – Added support for Silicom 10 Gbit hw timestamping commodity NIC card
    • – Added pfring_flush_tx_packets() for flushing queued tx packets
    • – Fixes for cutting packets to snaplen, e1000-dna rx
  • Libzero
    • – pfdnacluster_master support for multiple instances of multiple applications
    • – Added dna_cluster_set_thread_name() to name the master rx/tx threads
    • – Fix for direct forwarding with the DNA Cluster
    • – Changed len to a ptr in DNA Bouncer decision function to allow user change forwarded packet content and lenght
  • Examples
    • – Added ability to replay a packet with pfsend passing hex from stdin
    • – Added pfwrite to the package
    • – Fix for rate control with huge files in pfsend