HowTo Join Public ntop Discussions

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In order to join public discussion channels you need first to install discord or connect to it using a web browser. Then you need to create a discord account for logging into discord. Once there you need to join the ntop server clicking on this link

For anti-spam reasons, once clicked on the link, you need to authenticate yourself. You can do that typing “c/verify” in the #verfication-pool channel


that you can find in the top left corner. Once you are authenticated, you can join the ntop channels. Discord has both voice (where you can speak and see the screen of a remote user) and text channels where you can type, ask questions, etc.

In particular for voice channels and joining public discussions, you need to click on the “public” channel under the voice channel as shown in the picture below

Once there you are in the public voice channel so if you speak everyone can hear you.

At the bottom of the left discord sidebar you can see the above image once you are connected to the channel. You can disconnect clicking on the X icon, or share your webcam or your screen clicking on the icon below. At the bottom of the screen you can find some icons that allow you to change your multimedia settings, mute etc.

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