News @ ntop: Github, Mobile-Aware web site, IPv6, Travis

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Even though these might look like cosmetic changes, we are committed to create better software to serve our community. In the past couple of weeks:

  • We have migrated the server to a new site that is now IPv4 and IPv6. You can now access our software from IPv6 finally.
  • We have moved nDPI, PF_RING and ntopng to github. We hope this will foster collaboration on our software. We are aware that there are areas where we can improve the github integration, but as we’re new to this technology, we invite those who are more expert than us to contribute.
  • As many people complained about our web site (hard to find information, not designed for mobile devices) we have redesigned it and made it more modern. We hope you will enjoy it.
  • We are aware that we need to integrate better testing tools in our code. While we are exploring testing tools, we have just started with travis so that at every commit our software is compiled and semi-tested.

If you have suggestions or be willing to help, please drop us a mail !