Getting More Information On Your Network Performance

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This week ntop will be present at the Open Source System Management Conference 2012, that will take place this Thursday in Bolzano, Italy, organized by our partner and sponsor Würth-Phoenix. We’ll give a speech about how to analyze network performance with our nProbe/ntop applications, as well how to characterize the applications generating traffic. In fact it is important not to do generic and aggregate metric monitoring, but to characterize flow-by-flow so that we can generate alerts per-application. During the event we’ll speak about future nProbe extensions that we’ll introduce later this month such as the new Oracle plugin for nProbe, and we’ll preview a new layer-7 plugin that will allow you to combine traffic monitoring with layer-7 bridging/shaping leveraging on nDPI. In fact, many people do not understand the need to deploy network monitoring tools until they have issues, whereas in many cases we believe it’s easier to piggy-back network monitoring by means of tools that for instance implement traffic policies, similar to what costly application firewall do today.

For those who cannot attend the conference, you can

We hope to see you soon!