Introducing nProbe 7.4

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This to announce the release of nProbe 7.4. We have worked hard in this version to improve it in several way by better integrating it with ntopng, improving network performance metrics computation, ability to export data to big-data systems, make VoIP quality metrics more reliable. However the bigger innovation in this release is the probe scriptability using Lua (see the nProbe User’s Guide for all details).

You can now perform actions on flows (e.g. if you see a DNS query for host then execute action X) and start moving nProbe into new lands where network visibility can be combined with actions performed when specific situations occur. On a smaller scale, similar to what Bro has done for years with its scripting language using the power of Lua and on top of NetFlow/IPFIX. We hope you will enjoy this feature that will enable you to execute on the probe side actions that you used to perform on the collector side much less efficiently.

Below you can find the complete nProbe changelog.

Enjoy nProbe!

nProbe 7.4 Changelog

Main New Features

  • Lua scriptability and support for plugins: DHCP, DNS, IMAP, RADIUS, SIP, SMTP, GTPv1, POP, FTP, HTTP
  • Ability to drop HTTP flows via Lua
  • Ability to push flow information into Lua (e.g., flow.protocol, flow.l7_proto)
  • ZMQ data encryption to safely exchange information with ntopng
  • ZMQ data compression to reduce the bandwith consumed when interacting with ntopng
  • ZMQ probe mode to seamlessly work behind firewalls / NATs
  • HTTP full requests/responses content dump
  • Ability to specify traffic capture direction (tx, rx, both)
  • Flows dump to syslog in JSON format
  • Flows export to Apache Kafka via the export plugin
  • Implemented SSDP and NETBIOS plugins
  • Implemented CAPWAP protocol support
  • MIPSEL builds

New Options

  • --add-engineid-to-logfile to append the NetFlow engineId to dump files
  • --bind-export-interface to bind export socket to the specified interface
  • --capture-direction to specify packet capture direction
  • --cli-http-port command line
  • --disable-startup-checks to prevent nProbe public ip detection
  • --host to capture packets from pcap interfaces rather than from a mirror/tap
  • --json-to-syslog to export flows to syslog in JSON format
  • --notify-plugin to notify users of a pluging activity immediately and not when the flow has matched
  • --online-license-check to check nProbe license online
  • --with-minimal-nprobe to build nProbe with a minimum set of dependencies
  • --zmq-encrypt-pwd to encrypt ZMQ data
  • --zmq-probe-mode to implement ZMQ probe mode
  • --http-dump-dir to dump HTTP logs
  • --http-content-dump-dir to dump full HTTP requests content
  • --http-content-dump-response to dump both HTTP requests and responses content with --http-content-dump-dir
  • --http-content-dump-dir-layout to specify layout to be used with --http-content-dump-dir
  • --http-exec-cmd to execute a command whenever an HTTP dump directory has been written
  • --minute-expire to force active flows to expire when a minute is past

Plugin Extensions

  • Extended the export template to include longitude and latitude (%SRC_IP_LONG, %SRC_IP_LAT, %DST_IP_LONG and %DST_IP_LAT)
  • Implemented SIP RTP support, handling of early export and support of OPTIONS messages
  • Extended GTPV1 plugin support to field GTPV1_RAT_TYPE
  • GTPV2 plugin check to the export bucket when response isn’t the right type for a request and when a response has been done from the same peer as the request
  • Implemented GTPV2 0x4A message type management
  • Implemented Diameter support of fields DIAMETER_CLR_CANCEL_TYPE and DIAMETER_CLR_FLAGS and 3GPP type messages (317, 319, 320, 321, 322 and 323)
  • Extended the Diameter plugin in order to export “”Diameter Hop-by-Hop Identifier” information
  • Added DOT1Q_SRC_VLAN/DOT1Q_DST_VLAN for supporting Q-in-Q VLANs
  • HTTP plugin export of HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR and HTTP_VIA fields
  • Extended DNS plugin with multicast DNS


  • ZMQ event handling to send interface statistics to ntopng
  • ZMQ statistics in flow collector mode
  • Ability to use ZMQ zlib compression
  • Enhanced ZMQ statistics with bps/pps rates


  • Added black list support for netflow data when nprobe is in proxy mode (ipv4 – V5,V9,IPFIX)
  • Twitter heuristics to guess user activities
  • Implemented support for TCP fast retransmissions