Short 1Q23 Roadmap

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Happy new year ! At ntop we’re working hard even during these to finish new software releases that we plan to release this quarter. In our December 2022 webinar we have previewed our ongoing developments that we plan to complete soon, and that include:

  • First release of cockpit-based totally redesigned nBox GUI that everyone can use to create its own ntop-based monitoring device.
  • Release of nTap stable.
  • Release of improved nProbe that included native nTap support and redesigned Kafka implementation.
  • Vastly improved ntopng release that includes
    • Redesigned timeseries support: you can finally visualize and compare timeseries.
    • Python-based scripting: create your stand-alone application that uses ntopng as datasource.
    • Lua-based Flow and Host checks for implementing efficient behavioural checks on live traffic.
    • Added any new sensors including detection of periodic activities or traffic towards existing that can be used for driving network analysts towards the relevant issues.
    • Improved traffic analysis and new alert analyser component for visualising and exploring detected alerts.

In the coming weeks we will publish some blog posts to present what we’re implementing so that you can be prepared to the ne release.

Finally, we’re organising the Network Devroom at FOSDEM 2023: we would like to meet the ntop community. So if you plan to be around, please drop us a message so we can meet.

Enjoy !