PF_RING 5.0 Introduced: DNA 1/10 Gbit and vPF_RING

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We’ve just cut the code of PF_RING 5.0. As it contains many changes with respect to the previous version, it deserved a major version number.

We refreshed our DNA drivers to 1 Gbit Intel NICs (e1000e and igb families) in addition to the existing 10 Gbit DNA driver. All the DNA drivers source code is stored inside the PF_RING SVN. You can just install the DNA driver, and use our test applications (pfcount for receiving packets, and pfsend for generating/reproducing traffic) for enjoying 1/10 Gbit RX/TX wire-speed using commodity adapters.

We’ve also introduced vPF_RING that is an extension of the popular Linux KVM Hypervisor, for bringing multi-Gbit packet capture on VMs. You can find more information about it on the vPF_RING home page.

Both DNA and vPF_RING can be evaluated at no cost. If you want to use them permanently, you need a license key for unlocking the user-space library. You can find more information on the DNA and vPF_RING home page.

While releasing DNA for 1 and 10 Gbit, we have decided to discontinue TNAPI. The main reason is that with DNA we can both send and receive at wire rate with minimum CPU load, whereas TNAPI was limited only to RX. Another reason was to simplify the PF_RING range of options that might confuse some users. We’re working a a new TNAPI release that will be available within a few weeks and that we’ll feature TX. We’ll be back soon.

Finally as you can see, we’ve finally retired the old ntop web site in favor of a new one. We hope you will enjoy it.