Introducing Ubuntu 18 Support for ntopng Edge (nEdge)

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After 6 months from the first nedge announcement, as a response to our customers feedback, nEdge now provides brand new features, like the ability to apply policies based on the device type, the RADIUS integration for captive portal users authentication, the ability to add static routes when running in router mode and the programmatic configuration of users and policies.

Today, one of the most requested features is finally ready: the support for Ubuntu 18.04!

Ubuntu 18.04 is the new LTS stable release of Ubuntu. It adopts a new environment for the network configuration, netplan, which replaces the standard /etc/network/interfaces file.

The nedge package for Ubuntu 18 is now available for installation from the development ntop repositories (stable release will be supported in the coming months).
Since nEdge runs headless, for new installations it is suggested to install the Ubuntu 18 server version, which provides a minimal environment.

nEdge on Ubuntu 18 provide the same features as the Ubuntu 16 counterpart. As always, nEdge supports running into a VM, so it is quite easy to test it without the need to purchase a dedicated device.

It is important to remember that, after the first setup, nEdge will alter the network interfaces configuration to reflect the one specified in the gui. In case of issues reaching the device, the device recovery instructions can help.