How can I renew maintenance for commercial products?

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As explained in this document, for permanent licenses after one year since purchase you can no longer upgrade your products. This unless you purchase product maintenance Maintenance cost for one year is set to 25% of the product list price if you renew the maintenance not more than one month past the end of the current maintenance, or to 75% of the product list price for late renewals. As your old license will not allow you to unlock new software versions, after maintenance purchase you will receive another orderId that you can use to generate new licenses that you can use to replace your old ones.

Note that:

  • The acquisition of ongoing maintenance cover is only offered on currently supported licenses i.e. those with current maintenance cover. Where maintenance cover has lapsed a late maintenance discount or a new license will need to be acquired.
  • Before generating the licenses, you must to upgrade your applications/driver to the latest version, and then generate the license using the current installed version: we cannot provide maintenance for outdated applications.
  • You can use discounted maintenance orderIds only for activating previously registered licenses and not for licensing brand new systems (in this case you need to buy a full license).
  • When purchasing maintenance you will in essence receive a new orderId to use for generating fresh licenses (that will replace the old one for which you are buying maintenance for) for those systemIDs/MAC addresses for which you originally generated licenses. The new licenses should be generated after the product maintenance expired, as they will last 12 months from the day you generate the license.

In order to purchase maintenance, you need to contact your ntop partner or go to the ntop shop and:

  • Select (step 1 in the e-shop) the products for which you want to buy maintenance.
  • Specify (step 2 in the e-shop) in the “discount code” field the orderId for which you are purchasing maintenance and that you have received for your original products. The system will validate this information in the following purchase step, and apply the maintenance discount.
  • Complete the purchase. After a successful purchase you will receive a new orderId and instruction on how to generate your licenses that you will use to replace the old ones in the newly installed applications.