How To Recover Issued Licenses?

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In order to recover issued licenses you need to know the orderId of your purchase, so that you can see what you have purchased with such order and the licenses that have been generated so far.  If you have this information you can now recover your licenses using this form.

Instead if you have lost your orderId but you have access to a system where a ntop tool (e.g. ntopng or nProbe) if installed, you can recover the orderId using the systemId of the product. Example you need to see the systemId through the nbox GUI or from command line as follows

ntopng --version
v.3.1.171202 [Enterprise/Professional build]
GIT rev: dev:f378a92806b2273ed04e1ca9270efcd2fb89c2f3:20171202
Pro rev: r1277
Built on: MacOSX 10.13.1
System Id: 1FE719B8-0B82-5C67-9AE6-990B5030479F
Platform: x86_64
Edition: Enterprise
License Type: Permanent
Maintenance: Until Fri Aug 3 15:02:37 2018 [242 days left]
License: DB9C07A4773A76156E2EE58371322DD71533301357FC245B12

Using the systemId (or the MAC address in case of PF_RING licenses) you can recover the orderId for such systemId using this form. With the orderId you can then recover your licenses as explained at the top of this article.

In summary, to recover licenses the following URLs can be used:

As this service has been introduced since a couple of years, older licenses cannot be recovered automatically. In this case please contact us by reporting your orderId and email so we can assist you manually.