nProbe 10.2 is Available: Redesigned Kafka Export, nTap and Google Cloud Support

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Today we announce the availability of nProbe 10.2 that features native nTap support for generating flows from remote devices, and redesigned Kafka support for both flow export and communication with ntopng. With this respect, the new –ntopng <URL> command line option will replace in the future –zmq as it allows to both specify if ZMQ or Kafka is used to communicate with ntopng (i.e. “–ntopng zmq://” is the new syntax that replaces “–zmq tcp://”). In this release nProbe also supports exports to Google Pub/Sub for implementing a scalable datalake. Finally, nProbe now supports Zoom video calls quality measurement that will be soon extended to other proprietary conferencing solutions.

Below you can find the complete nProbe changelog.

Enjoy !

New Features

  • New nTap support (–ntap) for capturing traffic with the new ntop Virtual/Remote TAP (Enterprise M/L/XL)
  • Rework and improve Kafka support (Kafka can be used as an alternative to ZMQ for delivering flow data to ntopng)
  • Introduce support for exporting data to Google Pub/Sub
  • Introduce support for Catchpoint
  • Introduce a new nProbe XL model

Command Line Options

  • Add –kafka-ntopng option to deliver flow data to ntopng
  • Add –snmp-mapping option for mapping SNMP interfaces and export mapping information to ntopng
  • Add –tcp-dont-send-flow-lenght for flow collectors over TCP that do not expect the flow lenght
  • Add –ntopng zmq://: option (–zmq tcp:// is now deprecated)
  • Add support for encrytion keys in hex format with –zmq-encryption
  • Add -J to ignore Netflow sender port
  • Add the ability to specity an alternative topic in –kafka using “,” as topic delimiter
  • Add –accurate-hash flag
  • Change –collector-port|-3 option for ZMQ accepting zmq:// to avoid mixing it with TCP collection
  • Change –use-obs-domain-id-port which is IPFIX only now
  • Rename –use-obs-domain-id-port to –use-obs-domain-id
  • When not specified -n=2055 is now automatically when required (e.g. if – no -P – no –ntopng)


  • Add support for Linux cooked sockets v2 capture
  • Preserve L7 protocol across flow updates
  • Improve Zoom handling and add Zoom detection in RTP streams
  • Improved RTP call quality calculation
  • Add caching of application ID/Name mapping exported by Cisco NBAR
  • Add custom formatting of Nokia ULI
  • Improve processing of nasty corner cases (e.g. flows with the same 5-tuple)


  • New tool to build SNMP interface mapping file (to be used with –snmp-mapping)
  • Improve zmqReflector (ZMQ proxy)
  • Improve sendPcap
    • Add -f option
    • Add the ability to handle multiple senders in the same PCAP file


  • Fix HTTP_SITE handling
  • Fix crash in IMAP dissection
  • Fix decoding loop with invalid Diameter packets
  • Fix for supporting reassembly of Diameter flows on non-standard ports
  • Fix bug with –collector-nf-reforge
  • Fix SCTP dissection
  • Fix first/last switched with collector passthrough (–collector-passthrough) when collecting IPFIX data
  • Fix collector passthrough representation of bytes/packets
  • Fix interface aggregation with ZC ice interfaces
  • Fix for reading packets from pcap dumps


  • Ignoring observationDomainId (i.e. sourceId) for both IPFIX and NetFlow
  • Support for Rocky Linux 9
  • Update support for (latest) OPNsense
  • Windows improvements
  • Update homebrew support