nProbe 10.4 is now Available: Cloud Support and Agent Mode

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This is to announce the release of nProbe 10.4. In this version we have made several improvements (including support for new platforms and distributions) as well merged the agent code into the main code base (via -T) on both Linux and Windows. This feature allows you to export (for traffic originated or terminated on the host where nProbe runs) additional contextual information such as the user or process name that produced specific traffic flows. The agent mode is used in ntopng to implement the cloud mode support, that enables nProbe to be used as an agent on monitored hosts.

In addition to this, Kafka support, Amazon VPC handling, optimized Nokia IPFIX flow export  and various other minor changes are part of this release. You can read the whole changelog below.

Enjoy !


New Features

  • Added cloud mode support for integrating with ntopng in cloud mode
  • Reworked Kafka export support to make it robust and scalable
  • Merged agent mode code in nProbe so that it is automatically enabled as the templace defined host
  • RTP handling for Zoom/Ms Teams streams
  • Added support for FreeBSD 14, Debian 12, ARM 64 bit

Command Line Options

  • Added support for encryption to –zmq-publish-events
  • Added support for multi-line json export (–zmq-format m)
  • Added –cloud option to ease integration with ntopng in cloud mode
  • Added –gtpv1-dont-export-flows-immediately and –gtpv2-dont-export-flows-immediately flags for disabling immediate flow export as soon as the first response packet is received
  • Added –map-postnat
  • Added –template-ids to specify the list of templates to accept


  • Implemented –map-ifnames for mapping interfaceNames to interfaceIds
  • Implemented ZMQ stress tester
  • Implemented packet flow template
  • Implemented supoort for proprietary Nokia IPFIX exports
  • Improved VPC log scanning
  • Improved nDPI protocol guess
  • Improved packet decoding checkes
  • Improved parameter check
  • Improved tracing
  • Added support for ndpi serializer in sflow counters export
  • Added %FLOW_CONTENT_TYPE in order to export nDPI-dissected flow datatype (audio, video…)
  • Added %FLOW_EXPORT_TIME that contains the epoch of a flow export
  • Added -6 to sendPcap (Delivery of packets over IPv6)
  • Added BPF filter in cloud mode
  • Added BPF filter when started in –agent-mode
  • Added Ent XL bundle support
  • Added GTPV2_C2S_TEID and GTPV2_S2C_TEID
  • Added Ms Teams support in RTP plugin
  • Added Zoom RTP tracing
  • Added check for avoiding crash when offload is on and packet length exceeds the snaplen size
  • Added code for handling RTP stats when using dynamic payload (e.g. Teams)
  • Added compressed AWS VPC log file support
  • Added debian 12 support
  • Added diameter handling of mesageId 300, 301, 303
  • Added extra check
  • Added support for %EXPORTER_IPV6_ADDRESS
  • Added support of %INTERFACE_NAME %ACCOUNT_ID in VPC log collection
  • Added test pcaps
  • Added trace in case of being unable to delete a file
  • Added tracing of log deletion
  • Added FreeBSD 14 support


  • Fixed invalid print with large number of files
  • Fixed for Win32 cross-compatibility
  • Fixed for collecting bidirectional flows
  • Fixed for various memory leaks
  • Fixed netflow packets reforging during replay (it was adding 2 extra IP/UDP headers)
  • Fixed DNS dissection
  • Fixed ELK export with username/pwd Added support for ELK 8
  • Fixed RTP detection with RTP flows starting with a STUN packet
  • Fixed clickhouse export bug (missing username)
  • Fixed flow direction due to a value overflow ntop/ntopng#6267
  • Fixed invalid bytes/octets decoding during flow collection
  • Fixes buffer overflow issues
  • Fixes cache statistics
  • Fixes for exporting process information in cloud mode
  • Fixes #584
  • Fixes sampling support Extended -p (aggregation) flag format


  • Agent mode changes
  • Changes due to nDPI API changes
  • Changes for adding cloud support in Windows
  • Code cleanup adding a new member to plugin dissector
  • Do not enable the service on upgrade if disabled by the user
  • Enable sflow counters export in TLV using numerial keys
  • Enlarged Diameter port range 3868-3900
  • Extended -p support with discard of OUT (NFv9)/Post (IPFIX) counters
  • Fixed Kafka export format
  • Minor fix in custom template handling
  • Missing check to avoid using DPDK (when installed) if –with-dpdk is not used
  • Now -3 allows to recursively scan a directory looking for AVC files
  • Optimization to avoid handling binary data with HTTP plugin
  • Print when running in Cloud mode. Disable demo mode when in Cloud mode.
  • Removed –ucloud Added –instance-name that is exported in %NPROBE_INSTANCE_NAME
  • Rework embedded check (at runtime now)
  • Reworked kafka options handling
  • Set edr_mode when the cloud license should unlock the endpoint mode only
  • Workaround for non-standard DLT_NULL encapsulations
  • aarch64 changes